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Crisis in Education

For nearly two hundred years, education has followed the same model, built on an 1850’s foundation and for a world that no longer exists. That model sought efficiency and standardization, and largely resembled the factories of the era. We are not in the Industrial Age any longer, yet our schools haven’t changed. And we wonder why there is a crisis in education.

🏫 We know all children don’t learn the same way. Cognitive science and developmental psychology have moved on and now support a more constructivist approach – working with the unique needs, interests, and abilities of each child. Standardization is clearly not what is needed.

πŸ’­ If we know this child-led approach is more effective, why don’t we use it?

πŸ“š Simple: curriculum. The old model comes ready-made with worksheets and classroom agendas. Child-led, free learning is hard to measure and hard to “teach” in the sense that you are not following a set curriculum. That’s where we come in.

🌻 Wild & Free Childhood is a blog, online resource, and guide to help you as a parent or an educator embark on the journey of free learning. (and by the way, if you are a parent, you are an educator for your child by default) Together we’ll explore the ideas and research about various educational approaches, and learn how to create an environment that encourages a child’s curiosity, and fosters learning through play and exploration.

🌎 Our goal is to empower creative learning. We want to empower you, as the parent or educator, to facilitate creative learning by empowering your children and students to be wild and free.

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“The educational establishment has ceased admiring the stunning originality of its youngest students, preferring lists of numerical and alphabetical achievement goals”

Vivian Gussin Paley
A Child’s Work