“Bye Mom, I’m going to my work!”

I often wonder what my children make of this COVID-19 quarantine. At 1 and 3 years old, they don’t understand words like “germs”, “pandemic”, or “global health crisis”. The younger seems to operate business-as-usual, with a notably lower tolerance for car rides since they are now so infrequent. For his older brother, though, the changes … More “Bye Mom, I’m going to my work!”

Unlocking Montessori – Key #4: Internal Rewards & Motivation

With Coronavirus continuing to loom, many of us are still working on our quarantine hobby. I’m looking at you Sourdough Bread Starter. While many of us started gardens or practiced baking inspired by fears of food shortages, some have stuck to the task out of stubborn determination to WIN THIS THING. You know the feeling … More Unlocking Montessori – Key #4: Internal Rewards & Motivation

An Invitation to Play

If you’ve spent any time looking at preschool schooling ideas online, you’ve likely heard of creating “invitations to play”. An invitation to play is a really straight-forward idea, but there are some misconceptions regarding the concept. In this post, I just want to clear up what an invitation to play is, what it is not, … More An Invitation to Play

Unlocking Montessori – Key #3: Child-Led Learning

I’ll admit a little bias here: child-led learning is my favorite. Why? Because children love it, yes, but also because (shhh) it’s easy.  Continuing our series on Montessori, the 3rd key to understanding this educational method is individual interest and child-led learning. Children are naturally curious and constantly exploring their environments. Montessori allows the child’s … More Unlocking Montessori – Key #3: Child-Led Learning