Unlocking Montessori – Key #2: Freedom

Montessori Key #2: Free Choice & Perceived Autonomy  For this second key to understanding Montessori, I want you to think about the last several weeks of quarantine. Even if you are an introvert who works from home, somehow being under lockdown feels stifling and has given many feelings of anxiety or even depression. Why is … Continue reading Unlocking Montessori – Key #2: Freedom

In Praise of Four-Legged Firstborns

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Five years ago when I was at Cambridge, I drove north, to a farm deep into the countryside of Yorkshire. The farmers waved from the barn as I got out of my car. I said hello to the mostly black Border Collie who came to greet me, then I followed the lady farmer into … Continue reading In Praise of Four-Legged Firstborns