Letter Games with Leftover Easter Eggs

The hunt is over,

The plastic eggs have been found.

The candy is eaten,

The egg pieces are on the ground…

…and under the couch, and in the toy bins, and seemingly everywhere. You too? Then read on for what to do with all of those leftover plastic eggs!

Grab a Sharpie and write a capital letter on the (front) top half of an egg and its lowercase matching letter on the bottom half of the egg (For an extra hint, flip the egg to the back and write a lowercase letter on the top and capital on the bottom, so each half of the egg has both uppercase and lowercase letters). Repeat for each letter of the alphabet.


Yall, the possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas. These games can be played individually or in a sequence. Here’s how we played this morning and it got my kids burning energy and learning for 45 minutes straight!

Letter Bingo Race. Grab 26 sheets of scrap paper (or index cards) and write one letter of the alphabet on each piece. Scatter them on the floor. Have the players start at one side of the room while you hold all the plastic eggs in a basket. Grab a random egg and read off the letter as you hold it up. Let the players race to the matching letter on the floor and stand on the paper. The first player to reach the paper gets to keep the matching egg.

Matching Egg Hunt. Disassemble all the egg pieces on the ground. Give each player an egg basket (or something else to carry eggs in) and invite them to race in finding the matching halves of each letter egg. Once the baskets are full of matched eggs, on to round 2. (Having both the lowercase and uppercase letter on each half of the egg is helpful here for kids still learning – they can still match without fully knowing all the letters)

Word Bingo Race. A variation of letter bingo, in this round, call out short words and have the players jump on each letter (DOG: race to D, then O, then G in the right order).

“Don’t Crack the Egg” For this round, all the eggs start with you. Players have a set time (3-5 seconds is usually good) to find each letter you call out. If no one reaches the letter in time, you “crack” the egg and they bring you that piece of paper. (Don’t tell but this is really just a ruse to get the eggs reset and the papers cleaned up)

Happy Easter! He is risen indeed!


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