Welcome to the Wild & Free Gang!

At the end of February, a week after his due date, we welcomed little E into our family. The ensuing weeks were a blur of postpartum chaos, coupled with an impending move and an unplanned kitchen renovation due to some flooding. I couldn’t seem to find the time or will to write. If I had a minute, I took a shower, packed, or graded papers from my Comp 2 students.

Now, my kitchen countertops are being installed, it’s finals week, my son’s birthday is this weekend, and I’m trying to do our taxes… so of course I want to do nothing but write.

Anyway, this post is long overdue and our newest guy had his two month check up yesterday. We were quite the crew with our combined 4 year, 2 year, and 2 month checkups. Three kids never seemed like a lot until you get them all in a small exam room! We are thankful for healthy kids, even as we navigate the crazy that is life right now.


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