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Welcome to summer! (vacation that is – summer solstice, I see you there in week 3)

I am honestly curious how many of you who, along with your children, had to deal with tele-school these past several weeks are now planning to homeschool next year.

Maybe you loved having your kid home and your boss is letting you continue teleworking next year. Maybe you’ve heard a rumor that schools will continue to be closed due to COVID for at least the fall and you are determined not to repeat the tele-school experience. Or maybe you’ve been planning to homeschool all along and you and your preschooler are starting this fall!

In any case, I’m happy to have you here. Wild & Free Childhood is all about making this process easier for new (or seasoned!) educators. There is a lot of information out there and this site designed to break down some of the mystery surrounding different instructional methods. We started with the Montessori Method last month, and will continue later in the season exploring methods like, for example, Charlotte Mason. I’ll also be talking about the field of education in general, new findings in child learning, and book reviews of parenting/education books (because, let’s be honest, the average parent-educator doesn’t have time to read all of those!).

This month, I’ll be continuing our series on Montessori and it may be the perfect time for you to beginning follow along. Feel free to subscribe and you’ll get an email when the new posts go live.

Wild & Free Childhood typically has a large focus on the power of play, so it should come as no surprise that this month we’re talking about play’s role in Montessori and play as a vehicle for making sense of this crazy world. Stay tuned!


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