Homebodies + Chill

The past two weeks we have been home-bound with a stomach virus that’s been making its horrid rounds. We’ve watched far too many episodes of Little Einsteins and, despite my belief in simply dressing for the weather, freezing rain has kept us inside for most of the time. Oh and did I mention we are potty-training? We’re potty training.

Finally, FINALLY we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Fevers are down, appetites are up, and this mama is READY. We’re still sticking close to home until the our potty training skills level up, but homemade playdough is on the agenda and maybe a walk if the weather holds. For, despite my belief in going out in most weather, I make exceptions for sick kids. No one wants to go play – outside or in – when they’re battling an illness. Sweet babes just get to nap and drink their juice.


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